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Aerial Platform Operations (APO)

Aerial operations may involve over-watch, ground support, surveillance, search and rescue, but unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can't deliver personnel, provide resupply or conduct medical evacuation (MEDEVAC). When properly used APO can be a proactive tool and not solely a reactive response to a crisis.


Communication and understanding of each elements role and responsibilities while conducting aerial platform operations is critical to the safety and success of the operation.


Employing aerial platforms is a skill that has trickled down from the experience and employment of the special operations community. As is the case with several other military skills and techniques, the civilian sector continues to translate and implement those skillsets into their application.

APO training begins with a mix of on the range and in the classroom instruction before progressing into the live airborne phase of the course. The goal is to emphasize and create team cohesion between the operators and aviators. Operations from the air require meticulous coordination and planning before and during the flight and benefits greatly from a thorough "hot wash" or after action review (AAR) of the operation. 


Ground instruction is kept to a minimum but ensures a necessary understanding of the machines’ capabilities and safety features, ballistics and physics involved in shooting from an aerial platform and configuration methods to create an effective shooting platform.


Day 1

Begins on the range with an overview of proper marksmanship fundamentals and to ensure student's gear is in proper working order. We will then move into the classroom for blocks of instruction and then back to the range to put the information learned into practical application. The first day will conclude with a brief on the aerial platform and the first lifts of live fire exercise.


Day 2

Students begin in the classroom learning more advanced concepts and techniques before moving into the planning and execution phase of training. The remainder of of the day will consist of live fire exercises.


  • Rifle Marksmanship

  • Equipment Setup / Familiarization

  • Moving Target Engagements

  • Platform Familiarization

    • Safety Measures

    • Capabilities Overview

  • Aerial Platform Operations

    • Safety

    • Planning / Considerations

    • Communications

  • Aerial Engagements

    • Static

    • Dynamic

  • Vehicle Interdiction

    • Planning / Considerations

    • Execution



Mar 13, 2021, 8:00 AM CST – Mar 14, 2021, 5:00 PM CDT
Refugio, TX 78377, USA
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