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Pistol | Carbine 2

This course builds upon the Level 1 foundation by emphasizing use of environment, movement and mindset to achieve a higher level of problem solving and execution.


Courses of fire incorporate real world stressors into scenario based applications. Students will be pushed to make decisions and respond to events as they unfold while maintaining proper firearm fundamentals to achieve a high degree of speed and accuracy.



This two day course is entirely on the range instruction and provides courses of fire designed to progress students beyond basic fundamentals.

Students will receive a review of level 1 fundamentals which will serve as the backbone for other concepts covered. An initial battery of tests will be conducted at the beginning of the course to assess proficiency in the core fundamentals. This course will be push students to problem solve while utilizing new firing positions and engaging targets at further ranges than they likely have before.    

As with all classes, this class will be presented in an environment conducive to learning regardless of preferred learning style. Our approachable cadre is flexible and able to accommodate each student's rate of progression.



  • Level 1 review

  • Alternate firing positions

  • Operating in/around vehicles and barricades

  • Shooting through different materials

  • Use of cover/concealment

  • Individual/team movement techniques

  • Engagements out to 300yds


Day 1 - Pistol

Begins with an initial set of proficiency drills to establish where each student is in their level of progression. Next the cadre will present and demonstrate new concepts and students will perform significant repetitions of them on the flat range. Students will then be placed into scenario based courses of fire that will require them to demonstrate understanding of the new concepts as well as proficiency in the fundamentals.


Day 2 - Carbine

Carbine day kicks off with students achieving a good zero on their rifle and then progresses much the same as day 1. However, pistols will be required on day 2 to perform transition work and to address some of the scenarios.




Aug 30, 2024, 9:00 AM CDT – Sep 01, 2024, 6:00 PM CDT
Y.O. Ranch,
1736 Y O Ranch Rd NW, Mountain Home, TX 78058, USA
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