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What is the Comprehensive Sniper Readiness Challenge (CSRC)? Understanding the definitions of the two words below is a good place to start.

  • Comprehensive: Complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.

  • Readiness: The state of being fully prepared for something.

Simply put the CSRC bridges the gap between "course" and "competition" while assessing proficiency, capability, and thus overall readiness of the individual. No gadget, gizmo or piece of equipment can replace the intelligence, physical conditioning, resourcefulness and resolve that a well trained sniper brings to the table. A sniper being fully prepared is a non-negotiable, as they will be entrusted to execute by themselves or in small teams with little supervision in some of the most dangerous and austere environments on Earth.


As masters of stealth, camouflage, infiltration, and observation techniques snipers are perfectly suited to operate behind enemy lines and provide command with critical operational intelligence regarding enemy's size, strength and location.


Snipers are highly proficient in establishing concealed positions with a clear view of the battlefield from which they can call for indirect fire, air strikes, direct ground forces and remain on target for days providing real time on the ground intelligence.


Snipers dismantle and dishearten the enemy with precise engagements of key people from concealed positions at distances exceeding enemy detection capabilities. Shots that kill without warning break both the enemy's will and ability to fight.

If you have ever wondered what is takes to become a sniper or even just the difference between a sniper and a shooter, this event will answer both of those questions.

Competitions are an effective means to test numerous aspects of readiness, such as and certainly not limited to:

  • Does your gear setup work?

  • How do you perform under short term stress?

  • Can you interpret a task, develop a plan and execute?


So what makes this format different?

The CSRC employs a selection format similar to that utilized in selecting and assessing the most effective special operators on the planet. Participants will be subjected to a gauntlet of physical and mental strength and endurance that will filter out the weak and challenge the strong.

Physical fitness is the first gate you must pass, not the last. Mental agility, determination, and perseverance will dictate how well you perform in the long game. The ability to receive periods of instruction and learn the material to a high degree of proficiency will be critical to succeed.

Although the format is different, and working together as a group will be essential, this is still an individual competition filled with must pass, pass or fail and points based events.

Make no mistake about it this event will be as advertised and will quickly identify the unprepared. Each participant will learn how far the body and mind can go and still perform to the standard.

Events may include:

  • Physical fitness test

  • Timed ruck march

  • Land navigation

  • Casualty care

  • Communications

  • Covert entry

  • Fieldcraft

  • Casualty care


  • Upon registration, participants will receive detailed instructions regarding packing list and other pertinent information.



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